What awaits me at an appointment? procedure

That’s how we treat you

  Fundamentals: The examinations and treatments in the teaching practice of the OSD are carried out by students of the higher semesters. These appointments are always supervised by qualified osteopaths. Ideally, you will treat only a single student who you will see during follow-up appointments. However, since this is a training practice, it can always come back to students and tutors. Of course, we try to keep it as low as possible to give you consistent treatment. Clothing: During the examination and treatment, patients are dressed in underwear or short sportswear. Alternatively, you can also wear loose-fitting clothes. First treatments: Since osteopaths treat the whole person, detailed questions are asked at the first visit. These often give important clues for the osteopathic diagnosis. Furthermore, it is assessed whether the complaints must first be clarified by a specialist. After the interview, a detailed investigation takes place. At first glance, some of the areas examined may have nothing to do with the symptoms. But this is exactly what osteopathy is all about: understanding the relationships between the body may make it necessary, for example, to examine the organs for a hip problem in addition to the feet, knees and spine. After finding the causes of the discomfort, very different treatment techniques are used. Most are not painful and aim to release tension and restore movement. Sometimes it may be necessary, for example, to provoke a pain briefly for the diagnosis or to exert stronger pressure for an effective technique. Your consent is requested at any time and there is a direct exchange between therapist and patient.  
Other treatments: The number of treatments depends on the patient’s progress, not on a prescription with a specific number of treatments. Of course, this planning is done in consultation with you as a patient. Consent and education: Before your first treatment, we will ask you to sign a document that complies with our obligation to inform you and to inform you comprehensively about the treatment, its effects, any existing risks and side effects. Data protection: The data of the files are subject to the customary duty of confidentiality in the medical field. Outside the teaching practice these can be used for: • educational purposes of the OSD • research • planning of training practice. For this purpose, the data is anonymized before use, so that patients are unrecognizable. Your data will only be stored on local PCs or kept in an analogous manner.